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Every day we commute to work, be it public transport or our own personal vehicles. When we take public transport like the MRT, Bus, Taxi, we need not bother about keeping the equipment in good condition, making every day seem like seamless clock work. As a car owner, we have that responsibility to maintain our vehicle safe and ready for the road.
How do we go about servicing our car regularly?

First, there are many things we can do at an operator’s level like checking the dashboard warning lights for faults, the oil level of your engine, coolant level, tire pressure, tire threads, etc.

The regular checks we do keep us informed about our vehicle’s status but we should not attempt to do-it-yourself to fix the problems as the vehicle is a complex machine with a lot of moving parts which practically equals to a dangerous hazard.

Second, we should seek professional help from time to time. Usually, we do not have to worry about this part as our car usually goes for scheduled maintenance.

Lastly, we should cultivate good driving habits which will prolong the car’s life span.

Now, what are the reasons that motivate us to service our car regularly?

Well, we can save money on fuel especially with the high level of fuel prices nowadays. By getting the vehicle serviced properly, the parts in the vehicle will be more efficient. For example, by checking the tire pressure regularly, the car is able to travel more efficiently due to correct tire pressure. By servicing it regularly, our car has higher fuel economy, reduces your spending in the long run, and even helps in global warming by reducing CO2 emissions.

We can also help to make the road a safer place to drive in. Complacency sets in when we take safety for granted. Remember that cars do have the potential to cause harm to people as it is a massive object which could get dangerous if not controlled properly. Let’s do our part to make the road a safer place for you and me.

When we send our car for regular servicing, we get to protect our warranty as most warranties have terms and conditions to follow, which includes regular servicing of our car. Losing the warranty could mean even larger spending as our car parts are expensive and repairs also are costly.

If we are thinking of selling our car away in the future to get a better car or even just in case we need to sell our car for any reason, regular servicing can help to preserve the car’s resale value. Who would want to buy a car with problems or without regular maintenance or with voided warranty?
We can also avoid the hassle of vehicle breakdowns and unexpected repairs, other than the scheduled ones with you can plan ahead in time.

At the end of the day, we should service our car regularly as having regular maintenance done will pay off in the long run and keep your car in good working condition.

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