Importance of Car Inspection in Singapore

Your car needs to be checked by a car specialist or machinist for any malfunction or hidden problems that would cause damages both to the car owner and other road users.

It is also required by Singapore law to send your car for inspection regularly. Car owners can send their vehicles for inspection annually or biennially depending on the age of your car.

It is simply to maintain the air quality of Singapore, and also to avoid unnecessary dangers to other car users on the road. So do send your car for inspection when it’s more than three years old before LTA would allow you to renew your road tax! Car owners do not have to drive their vehicles to the inspection lane as the job is done by our car inspectors.
Other more comprehensive services are provided to ensure your car durability and improved quality for maneuver. A complete inspection would have included steps like brake efficiency test, sound level test, vehicular emission or smoke test, Chassis frame alignment, engine condition or oil leakage, paintwork and suspension system, wheel bearing, engine noise check, etc.

The document required for inspection is sent by LTA by mail to you, and road tax renewals can also be done at our car servicing company.

Some of the problems car owners need to attend to are: dead batteries that needed to be replaced; flat tyres that may cause danger to the driver losing control while driving; fluid leak that may deter the proper movement of the vehicle; worn-out wipers that are not working well may in turn causing misjudgement driving in the rain; blown fuse that may lead to unnecessary car accidents; broken drive belt or even simply being locked out may upset drivers if they do not regularly check their car conditions.

For diesel-driven cars, CDST or Chassis Dynamometer Smoke Test is strictly processed as required by the law in 2007. This process is performed under simulated full-load conditions. This act has since then effectively removes black smoke emissions so that a safe environment can be maintained for all road users in Singapore.

Some quick checks can be observed from your car after the normal inspection session is completed such as clear signal and warning lights, functionalities of horns and tyres, level of brake oil, etc.

Hence, for the safety of yourself and other road users, a regular car inspection is important, and this will also save up your money if your car is serviced earlier when the problem is able to be solved with minimal charges.

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