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Car Servicing Crucial Tips For Car Owners

A car is a great convenience to many people, families, businesses and other institutions. Think of the time you save and the number of things you can accomplish in shot time when you use your own car other than depending on public transport. Whether you own your own private car for your personal use of its an institutional car for your business or you run a car hire company, you want your car or fleet of cars to be in top condition all the time. Advanced technology in the manufacture of vehicles has made it quite easy to identify a problem area that needs your attention right from the dashboard of your car. Most cars now have a computerized system that has icons on the dashboard. These icons cover most vital parts of your car and immediately show where a problem in the car is. However, this technology has not changed the basic principles of servicing your car. Whether you have just bought a new car or you already have a car that you bought some time back, you will find the following information to be very useful. Let us consider the following key issues.

Car Servicing Crucial Tips

Servicing your car regularly has the following compelling benefit road users.

Enhances safety

The car is a machine that you use to carry people and your valued assets. In addition, when you use it on the roads you interact with other road users. A malfunctioning car can be a serious cause of road accidents and can lead to loss of limb and life not to mention costly repairs. Servicing your car regularly ensures it is in excellent working condition not a threat to you and other.

Cost saving

Failing to fix prevent or fix small problems as they arise creates room for the problems to magnify and become costly to fix later. Regular servicing means you can detect problems as the arise and prevent them from becoming to big. In the long term this mans the overall cost of running your car is much lower if you service the car as recommended.

Retaining the value of your car

Your car is more than a utility tool; it is an asset that you have spent money on. At some point, you might want to sell it. Unfortunately, vehicles loss their value with time but it if a car is well maintained through regular service it will not depreciate by big margins.

Vital Components that Require Regular Service

It is vital for you to have a basic understanding of some of the key systems of your car that require regular servicing. These systems include the following.

Car Servicing Crucial Tips

Fuel combustion system

Most cars today use fossil fuels, namely petrol or gasoline while others use diesel to generate the energy needed to run the engine. Granted there are cars that are known to use solar power but these have not yet to become popular in the market so let us focus on the earlier-mentioned categories. An efficient system ensures your car burns fuel efficiently and delivers maximum power from the fuel you use. It is therefore important to ensure all the parts including the spark plugs and the combustion chamber are always in top-notch condition. Worn out or clogged sparkplugs will always compromise the efficiency of you’re the car’s fuel consumption and lead to higher fuel costs. Some of the noticeable signs that your fuel system is getting worn out include:
· Too much engine smoke
· Unusual fuel odors
· Lower fuel economy
· Rough engine idling
· Difficulty in starting the engine
· Gears transmission system
Though you don’t have to wait for these symptoms to show for you to service your car, know that by the time you notice any of these signs, some damage is already occurring in the fuel systems. Take urgent steps to have your car serviced. Remember that when replacing the spark plugs find out the best quality that will give you value for money. Your car service company or the car’s user manual will offer you the best advice on this.

Gear Transmission System

This system enables your car to engage the right gear depending on the terrain and speed of your car as you drive. Nowadays there are two main types of transmission systems namely, manual and automatic systems. Servicing the transmission system depends on which of the two systems is fitted in your car. However, the basic symptoms that your car’s transmission system requires service include:
· Grinding gears
· Slipping once a gear is engaged
· Difficulty in shifting gears
The transmission fluid is vital for the effective and efficient of operation of the gear system. This fluid loses viscosity due to constant use that makes the fluid lighter. Less viscose transmission fluid is what causes the transmission problems and systems we mentioned earlier. How the system in your car is serviced depends on the type of system fitted in the vehicle. For manual transmission, the procedure is as simple as draining the fluid and replacing to with new transmission fluid. For automatic transmission, the fluids must be flushed out of the system using a special machine and then refilled with new fluid. As a general guide, most car manufacturers advice car owners on when to change the transmission fluid. In most cases this is given in terms of specific mileage. It is thus advisable to check on the manufacturers manual when you should change this vital fluid. Failure to do this can easily lead to expensive breakage and damage of the transmission system in addition to the discomfort of driving a malfunctioning car.

Braking System

An effective braking system can be the difference between life and death; a defective braking system can lead to horrific accidents. Every time you start your car, you expect to slow down or stop many times. This implies that the brakes undergo significant wear and tear. So how are your brakes serviced?

Car Servicing Crucial Tips

This will depend on the type of brakes that your car uses. There are two basic types of brake systems:

Disc brakes

These are usually found on the front wheels though in some cases you might see them fitted in some of the high performing cars today. Simply, these use the same concept as bicycle brakes. On the wheel’s hub, there is a disk plate which rotates as the car is moving. When you apply brakes to slow down, the disc slowed down by two brake pads. It is the friction that slows down the car. Thus, due to constant friction both the disc plate and brake pads wear out. If they get excessively worn out you will hear scratching noise from the wheel every time you apply brakes. You will also notice the car is not braking as effectively as it should. By this time, you need to urgently have your brake pads and brake discs replaced. which

Drum brakes

Many vehicles have drum brakes at the rear wheels. These brakes use two shoe linings which are pressed outwards on a cast iron drum using some strong springs. One challenge that can arise with these drum brakes the accumulation of dust leading to squeaking brakes or at times the linings can stick to the drum rather intermittently. Regular servicing ensures the correct bake cleaner is used to get rid of this dust. At times the brake fluid can leak from the wheel cylinder leading to brake failure or braking that is not as good as it should be. In this case, the linings should be removed and replaced with new ones in the process.

Lubrication System

Lubrication plays a critical role to minimize friction on all the moving parts of your car. Engine oil for instance ensures that as the parts of the engine move in great speeds, they do not encounter friction with one another. Such friction, if allowed to take place will cause costly damage as the parts rub against each other. The same case applies to the use of grease on the necessary parts of the wheels and some parts of the engine. However, remember that these lubricants get spoilt over time by the heat that is generated by the moving parts. This makes the lubricants to age and lose viscosity, this in turn diminishes the quality and quantity of the lubricant. Regular servicing means timely greasing and replacement of the engine oil. It is important to ensure you use the right quantity of lubricants; usually there is a marker indicating the level of lubricant you should put in each relevant location. Though we have looked at these components separately, it is standard practice to have the car serviced after it has travelled a given number of kilometres or mileage, in fact this is the most commonly used method to determine if your car is due for service. Though some people use duration from one service to the next, it is not a wise idea. Using time as the sole determinant might be counterproductive since the car might have travelled great distances in between the two service periods. Again, the manufacturers manual will provide you with the car maker’s recommended mileage for routine service. To wrap it up, these are not the only components of your car that require service but they are among the most critical.


Finally, there are many car service companies in Singapore, but this does not mean every company is as good as the next. Do not take a gamble with the quality of service that done to your cherished car. Always search for reputable a car service company; you will be pleasantly surprised to learn there are many credible companies in Singapore that offer this service. Such a company will not only give your high-quality car service but they will also provide you with any other relevant information that you might want. Your car serves you faithfully in your daily activities so it is only fair that you too offer the vehicle excellent service; it the only way that you and the car can have a trouble-free and worthwhile relationship.


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