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SUV vs Sedan

Cars have more than utility value -- they do so much more than transferring people from one place to another. They are a status symbol for some and a passion for others. In recent years, people's curiosity regarding cars has alleviated. Deciding which car to go with has become a difficult decision to take as the market is brimming with so many efficient and exquisite choices. In such a case, the fight is not only between automobile makers but also between types of cars. A raging debate these days is: between an SUV and a sedan, which is a better choice?


While there is no single type of vehicle that is perfect -- the right car for your family is one that will fit every member comfortably. However, since both sedans and SUVs tactfully serve this purpose, it is important to get into the design and utility aspects of both the vehicles to gauge their effectiveness. Which is better -- sedan or SUV? Read on to know better.

1. If you have a big family, an SUV is any day a better choice over Sedan.
While most Sedans fit up to 5 people easily, they can begin to feel crammed and uncomfortable if even a single more person decides to join you on a ride. Similarly, if you are setting out on a family trip in a sedan, you will be able to pack only a limited number of bags. Contrary to this, SUVs have the advantage of space. SUVs like Toyota Harrier and Hyundai Tuscon can easily accommodate up to 7 people at a time. Not just that, when you are riding in an SUV, you do not have to worry about the number of bags you are carrying because SUVs offer considerable cargo space.

2. Sedans score more in terms of mileage.
Since SUVs are huge power-packed vehicles, it is only expected that they offer a lower mileage. While there are certain SUVs that surprise riders with their great mileage, it is a fact that even the most efficient SUVs cannot compete with Sedans in terms of mileage. Sedans like Toyota Prius and Honda Civic are fuel efficient and hence, cost effective. SUVs, on the other hand, will weigh heavily on your pocket. If fuel expenses worry you, you should undoubtedly consider buying a Sedan.

3. If the safety of your family comes first, then sedans are not for you.
An SUV will satisfy you more. These days, most of the car manufacturing companies offer great security features. Most of the high-end sedans come inbuilt with great features like air bags, anti-lock brakes and traction control, etc. Even then, a sedan can is not match for an SUV in terms of safety. Most of the SUVs come inbuilt with great safety features as well. In addition to that, an SUV's gigantic size makes them more safe, especially when you are on the road.


4. SUVs are more powerful than sedans.
While sedans are great for comfortable roads, they fail miserably when it comes to running on tricky trails like hills and mountains. Contrary to this, SUVs offer great horsepower and torque. They also come with higher ground clearance and powerful suspension systems that give them the power to race on any kind of surface. They are performance-oriented vehicles that will go wherever you take them. Sedans, on the other hand, are quite boring and rate quite low in this particular department.

5. Owing to their design and seating position, SUVs offer better vehicle handling.
SUVs offer a higher seating position which makes it easier for the car drivers to keep an eye on the road in front. SUVs have the advantage of better visibility over Sedan. Not just that, SUVs are heavy weight cars that do not loose control easily in case of rains or floods -- they keep their balance intact and hence, offer enhanced safety. On the other hand, it is much harder to drive a sedan on a rough and rainy day. It is precisely for this reason that SUVs like Audi Q7 which come with the option of an all wheel drive are a dream of every car lover.

6. SUVs offer better towing capacity than a sedan.
While one does not really buy a car to tow things, sometimes situations crop up when people are compelled to use their cars for towing. In case a friend's car breaks down, an SUV will easily be able to drag it home. A sedan, on the other hand, will fail miserably in this department. Similarly, many people have hobbies like boating, fishing, camping which requires them to carry heavy stuff with them. SUVs offer great towing capacity. Not just that, one can even easily add a towing kit to their SUV and convert them into effective towing vehicles.


7. While this may seem like an irrelevant detail, it will matter on weekends when you will take your car out for a spin.
Sedans are easier to park, SUVs are not. Likewise, it is much more easier to drive a Sedan in congested lanes than it is to drive an SUV in such an area. If you are someone who likes cars that are easier to ride and easier to park, a sedan will make more sense for you.

8. Without a doubt, SUVs look cooler than Sedans.
There is a certain kind of confidence and power that comes from within when you are driving an SUV. However, that said, it cannot simply be denied that SUVs are more expensive than Sedans. As a matter of fact, a high-end SUV is capable of burning a hole in your pocket. On the other hand, the market is brimming with mid-range sedans that are affordable and smart at the same time. Sedans like Honda Civic Turbo, Mazda CX-3, Opel Astra, Toyotal Prius are easy on the pocket when compared to SUVs like Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option, a sedan is a any day a better choice.

Both sedans and SUVs make great buys. While SUVs are more powerful and safe, Sedans are more budget-friendly. Hence, it is quite hard to draw a conclusion to this debate. In the end, the best car for you is one that fits your pocket as well as your purpose.


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