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Various Types Of Car Servicing

Car servicing is the process of checking the condition of all the parts of a car. After assessment, parts that are worn out are replaced. Oil and brake pads are prone to wear and tear quickly and have to be assessed often. Undertaking regular car servicing maintains the car in a great condition. Reading your car manufacturer’s service instructions offers guidelines on the frequency with which you should do car servicing. In addition to the car servicing guidelines in the manufacturer handbook, the mileage you do determine the type of car servicing to go for. Overall, choosing more than one type of car servicing enables solving of all the problems your car faces. Besides, choosing one car servicing technician to provide various services reduces the cost of car servicing. This article looks at some of the types of car servicing and what each entails.

Various Types Of Car Servicing

The major categories of car servicing
Interim/basic service

It is recommended after 6 months or a coverage of 6000 miles. When offering this service, mechanics normally assess the brakes in order to give car owners advise on any extra servicing required. The mechanics also take a look at the car manufacturer’s instructions in giving car servicing advice. This service majorly involves the following services:
· Oil and filter replacement
· Visual inspection to detect exhaust smoke
· Refilling engine oil
· Identifying any extreme oil leaks
· Accuracy of clutch and gearbox operation

A secondary service offered in this type of car servicing is the addition of fluids in the engine inlet. The fluids are:

· Brake fluid
· Washer fluid
· Steering fluid
· Anti-freeze fluid

Full service

It is done after a year or when a car achieves 10, 000- 12,000 mileage coverage. It caters for all the services included in the interm service and the following:
· An examination of the radiator condition
· Inspection of coolant cap seals and leakages in coolant hoses

Various Types Of Car Servicing

Major service

It is done after every two years or when a car has covered 24,000 miles. It includes all the services in the interim and full car servicing. Some of the other services offered are:
· Spark plugs change
· Replacement of fuel filter
· Installation of an air filter
· Inspection of the clutch cable free play
· Inspection of the air conditions system
· Change of brake fluid and bleed system
· Testing of the battery
· A analytical scan and fault code scrutiny
· Assessment of wheel alignment
Major car servicing is very extensive and takes a longer time that the other services. The cost is expensive and is dictated by the model of car being serviced and terms and conditions stipulated by the car service providers.

Premium service

It is more advanced than major service. It ensures a car functions well for 3 years before it requires servicing again. The car can cover more than 24,000 miles. This service offers all the packages found in a major service and a few extras: evaluation and replacement of the brake fluid and the coolant

Ultimate service

This is the most expensive type of car servicing. It ensures a car is serviced in a way that guarantees its proper functioning for a period of 4 years. Other than offering interim, full, major and premium services, ultimate service concentrates on:
· Throttle body clean
· On-car fuel injection flush
· Fuel tank additive
· Engine decarbonisation

Standard service
It is done after every one year. Car servicing in this case is not broad and barely takes more than two hours. It is limited to:
· Inspection of the car’s lights
· Checking fluid levels
· Assessing the condition of the handbrake and brake pads.
· Servicing the car’s suspension dampers and wipers.

Various Types Of Car Servicing

Safety service

Conducting car servicing is expensive. If a car owner is not able to afford major car services, a safety service can be selected. A safety service facilitates the reliability of a car for not more than a year. It focuses on areas such as:
· General safety car evaluation
· Belts and hoses inspection
· Checking the are beneath the bonnet
· Adjustment of the handbrake
· Engine oil and oil filter replacement
· Evaluation of the charging system

Manufacturer service

Most car models have a warranty issued by the manufacturer. A car owner must utilize the warranty by seeking services once in a while so that the warranty is not treated as null and void. This service is very broad and is performed by a highly qualified mechanic. It focuses on all they types of car servicing a car needs. When the warranty expires, manufacturers record details of the car to ensure it continues to receive excellent car servicing. Preservation of the car’s history also aids in ensuring there is availability of the spare parts it needs during servicing. There are variations in the services offered. This comes about as cars are manufactured by different manufacturers and are of different models.

Oil and Filter Change

It can be done separately but is still included in most types of car service. This service targets car owners who cover high mileage in between their car servicing periods. Generally, an oil change is recommended after covering 10,000 miles. When not sure when the oil change should be done, a car owner should refer to the manufacturer’s handbook. The type of engine oil that a car should be refilled with should also be checked. This ensures the right grade of oil is refilled when car servicing is done. A car technician can be consulted on the same matter. An oil and filter change is done to increase fuel efficiency, durability of the engine and the reliability of a car. During an oil and filter change, other car services that can be given are checking of:
· Tyre tread and pressure
· Emission of exhaust fumes
· The state of the windscreen wipers

To conclude, car servicing enhances a deep analysis and inspection of a car by a mechanic. The mechanic is able to do so when a car owner discloses all the problems the car is experiencing beforehand. After doing the needed car servicing, the mechanic also conducts a test drive to be certain all the problems have been diagnosed. Similarly, the test drive helps to find out if there are other problems that might have been overlooked. As a car owner, ensure your car is serviced frequently to extend its lifetime.


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