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Causes Of Loud Car Engine Sounds

Fixing problems early could save you time and money, but it also keeps everyone safer on the road. Knowing where and when the noises come can help you determine your next move. Either way, finding a mechanic in Singapore to contact in these situations is helpful, too.


-Engine sounds. Maybe you hear sounds related to engine issues? It could mean a dirty air filter, dirty or worn spark plugs, bad spark wires, an ignition problem, a clogged fuel filter, water in your gasoline, a bad accelerator pump or power circuit in your carburetor or a clogged catalytic converter. Similarly, if you manage to hear a rattling noise at the point when sitting at a stop light that sounds a considerable measure like a crate of rocks shaking, then that is another good sign that your catalytic converter is bad.

When you start your car engine in the morning, sometimes you will hear some tapping sound coming from the engine. The sound will disappear after the engine has warmed up. This is quite normal on some cars, but if the loud sound continues as long as the engine is running, then there is something wrong with the car engine. As the engine rpm increases, the sound will also increase and when the vehicle engine rpm slows down, the tapping sound also decreases. If you open the hood, you can hear that the loudest sound comes from the top part of the engine.

-Stuck hydraulic lifters cause most of the sounds that you hear coming from the top part of the engine. The hydraulic lifter or also known as a hydraulic tappet or hydraulic lash adjuster is designed to take up the normal expansion and contraction of the heating and cooling of metals in the engine. The lifter is also designed to maintain zero valve clearance in an internal combustion engine where it ensures the valve train always work with zero clearance for a quieter operation and at the same time to ensure periodic valve clearance adjustment is not required.


If one or more of the lifters are stuck or jam, tapping sound will occur. If the sound lasts for a couple of seconds or minutes, then frequent oil change could free up the jam lifter. If the sound continues, then the lifter will have to be replaced.

If you notice that when the engine is giving out the loud sound and comes with heavy vibration at idle or on heavy load, one of the valve push rods or rocker arms has broken. To confirm this, get you mechanic to remove the rocker arm covers to check on the rocker arms, push rods, and the valve stems. Normally by replacing the rocker arms and bolts, the tapping sound problem can be repaired.

If the loud sound is accompanied by a muffled backfire when you accelerate, there is a high possibility that the engine camshaft has damage. This requires major repair because you also need to replace all the hydraulic lifters. Make sure that your mechanic checked the camshaft thoroughly and confirmed faulty before you start the repair.

If the loud sound is due to broken rocker arm or push rod, you car will suffer from fuel wastage, poor performance and also high emissions of Carbon Monoxide to the atmosphere.

-Braking noises. Brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle, so ignoring any sounds that occur when you're braking could put everyone in danger. When you have brake issues, you'll usually hear screeching, squealing or squeaking noises. Do you hear a "clunking" noise? This could signal problems with worn steering system components; the disc brake caliper is not mounted properly or brake hardware is damaged or missing. A squealing noise when braking could mean several things; dirt on the brake rotors, drums, pads, and/or shoes, brake pads and/or shoes are worn, brake pads were overheated and are now glazed, disc brake calipers were mounted incorrectly or have come loose or wear indicator on the pads are contacting the rotor. You may have to install the clamor, the more pressing it is to get it took a gander at

Squealing noises can also signal other issues, not just brakes. For example, engine belts are considered a "wear item." This is because they are attached to moving components such as pulleys and suffer a fair amount of friction over time. They also dry out and crack under heavy use or being left to the elements, particularly in dry states like Arizona.The serpentine belt, a drive belt that transmits power created by the motor's insurgencies to numerous frill like the aerating and cooling, power directing, and alternator could likewise be motioning for help. After you roll over the long run, this serpentine belt can essentially wear out and begin to slip which causes this conspicuous screeching sound.


-You may also hear noises like pinging or knock. Although rare, they are not impossible, and this usually means an issue with  fuel system. To deal with this issue, experts recommend that you not only start filling your tank somewhere else with better quality gasoline.

Hear more of a gurgling noise? It is one of the stranger sounds, we agree! The majority of the time, your cooling system isn't doing it's job. Let your engine cool and check your reservoirs level indicator which will indicate if you need coolant.

Odd noises coming from your vehicle are nothing to ignore. Your vehicle is telling you a story or giving you some warning. Unfortunately, maintaining a car is still costly, no matter what make the vehicle is, thanks to all sorts of high-tech systems and additional features that aren't cheap to maintain. Listen to what you hear, when and where you hear it and maintain a healthy relationship with your trusted mechanic. Anything that has you questioning safety or whether or not you should keep driving probably means you shouldn't. Playing it safe never hurt anyone. Proper routine and preventative maintenance can help avoid major failures from engine problems to brake failure. Above all, listen to what your vehicle has to say! The louder and more incessant the clamor, the more pressing it is to get it took a gander at.



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