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10 Reasons Why You Should Service Your Car On A Regularly Basis

Some car owners think that failing to service their vehicles periodically can save them a few dollars, but it’s not. In fact, it is more costly compared to having regular service. If you are to enjoy the service of your car for a longer time, then you cannot ignore servicing it. Word of mouth plenty of benefits of carrying it out. Here are some of the reasons why it is important to have your car serviced on a regular basis:

Car On A Regularly Basis

• Safety

Cars are good for mobility and just for fun. But the number of deaths on the road and the life-threatening injuries caused by cars cannot be assumed. In fact, statistics shows that there has been a worrying trend as the number of deaths associated with cars every year has kept on increasing. A majority of these deaths and injuries are caused by small faults that could have been rectified. Servicing your regularly maintained breakdown helps to identify potential problems before they become a reality. An excellent workshop will carry out necessary checks to ensure that you are safe. The braking system is one of the areas that must be checked regularly.

• Maintaining car value

Though cars will always depreciate with time, you can control that rate by servicing it regularly. Once the car hits the road, it automatically joins the second-hand market which is very competitive in pricing. Anyone buying a second-hand car will be interested in the servicing evidence. Cars with no maintenance record are likely to fetch very low prices in the market. On the hand, regularly service cars are highly valued and will attract not only more potential buyers but also higher prices.

• Improved life span

Every car is designed to serve for a specific time depending on its quality. Some may go for several decades, but only a few can reach the specified life span in good condition. How long your car will serve you great relies on how regularly you service it. A small problem like vibration can develop into a huge and costly problem in future if ignored. Sometimes, it can cause a breakdown. It is such small and overlooked faults that can lower your vehicle lifespan. By having routine maintenance, you will be improving your car lifespan. Hire a professional mechanic since they know where weaknesses are and how to rectify them.

Car On A Regularly Basis

• To increase your car performance

A car should not only be safe for driving but also fun to ride. You should be cruising on the highways at any speed without any worry. It is embarrassing to see an old car overtaking you, and you cannot do anything about it. Regular servicing is key to the improvement of the motor vehicle performance. In fact, a well- maintained car is smoother and more responsive. Fluid, internal mechanics and oil are the main parts that increase car performance and thus should be checked regularly. Take your vehicle to servicing regularly, and you will have fun driving around.

• Malfunction prevention

Nothing can be more frustrating than a car malfunctioning when you need it the most. Have you ever been forced to stop by the roadside due to a malfunction? Sometimes you have no idea how to get the nearest mechanic. You are slapped with unplanned bills such as towing services and finding a mechanic. Some of the malfunctions are as a result of ignoring small problems such as oil change. Such problems can be solved by servicing the car on a regular basis. A good mechanic can fix problems before they become bigger to cause a malfunction.

• To lower cost of operation

Many car owners fear to service their cars on a regular basis since they think it is too expensive. But this is not true. Servicing your car periodically is not unnecessary cost but a way of reducing the cost of operation. From a professional mechanic point of view, if your vehicle is regularly maintained, its cost of operation keeps on going down. Similarly, you fail to service your, the cost of operation is significantly high. For example, a breakdown or a malfunction will cost you a lot of money, time and possibly ruin your days plan. Maintaining your car periodically will take pressure off your finances.

• For pollution reduction

The impact that your car will have on the environment cannot be overlooked -they can tremendous depending on the state of the car. Cars are known for being the highest contributors to environmental pollution starting from fume emission to dumping of broken parts. They also play a huge part in air pollution. Noxious emission from poorly serviced car contributes to water contamination, smog and also acidic rain. Servicing the car regularly will reduce the level of pollution significantly.

Car On A Regularly Basis

• Fuel efficiency

How efficient the machine has a direct implication on the finances of the owner. Though machines are designed to work at 100%, it is not possible to have one operating at maximum, but at the same time, it should not go that low. Your car should perform at 98% at least. Poorly maintained cars are known for having very low fuel efficiency. This simply means that fuel is wasted when the car is running at low efficiency. It implies that some amount of gas bought will be a waste and you will not get value for the money. Changing the oil on a regular basis will significantly improve your fuel efficiency and save you plenty of gas money.

• For a maintenance record

If your car is on sale, a smart buyer will be interested in the maintenance record. Word of mouth will not be enough to convince a potential buyer your car is in good condition. You need to have proof that your car has been regularly servicing. If you are working with a professional car servicing workshop, they will be provided you with a record of each and every service. This is what will prove that you have been servicing the car on a regular basis. This will give you substantial grounds to bargaining for the best price.

• Peace of mind

Knowing that the car is in good shape is the greatest feeling for any car owner. Peace of mind is important especially when you are driving. You can enjoy cruising at a comfortable speed knowing that you are safe from breakdown, malfunctions and petty accidents. But you must ensure that your car is serviced regularly for this peace of mind. It gives you complete confidence in your machine.


Car servicing is necessary, and the benefits are immense. You need it for your car to remain in peak condition and have a reduced risk of breakdown. Service it regularly, and it will perform better and save you money and stress in the long run. Though taking it to a garage can be a daunting task, it is essential that the service is carried out. It is also equally important to have a professional mechanic to perform the servicing.


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