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Car Servicing Procedures Motorists Ignore

 Car servicing is the only way to take exceptional care of your vehicle. It will ensure that it runs smoothly and eliminates the risk of having costly repairs done in future. After buying a car, you should take your time and go through the consumers manual to get an idea about how often you should solicit car services together with essential systems and parts for checking. In simple terms, you must seek car servicing every six months. However, if you notice any issues within this period, it's a clear indication that your vehicle requires some service job.

Car Servicing Procedures

Keep in mind that the car servicing center you intend to visit should use cutting edge tools for repairing purposes. This is the single way to ensure your car will get a competent service. The next time your vehicle requires servicing or breaks down, remember to get to a center where experts will serve you. Their superior service will attract you back next time. So what are some of the common servicing procedures many people ignore when having a professional service done?

- Engine Cleaning

While you may clean your car, regularly, to remove the dirt on the outside, having the engine deep cleaned offers a load of benefits. For instance, cleaning your engine to eliminate dust, grime, and tar-like substance prevents the engine from overheating. The sludge that forms on the engine after a long period without cleaning is a thermic coating that prevents the motor from dissipating heat efficiently.

- Tyre Rotation

Most people ignore having their tires rotated when having their cars serviced. Tire rotation is one of the best ways to increase the lifespan of your tires and save money as long as your vehicle runs. Some tire manufacturers recommend that you should rotate your tires after every five thousand to eight thousand kilometres. Some manufacturers offer free tire rotation in their warranty.

Car Servicing Procedures

- Transmission Maintenance

The transmission is one of the hardest working components of your vehicle and needs servicing on a regular basis. Most car manufacturers recommend that you should switch your transmission fluid after roughly forty thousand kilometres. However, if your vehicle if for doing hard work like towing items frequently, transmission fluid needs to be replaced much often. To identify the right transmission fluids for your vehicle's particular model and make read your user manual or ask servicing professionals for more information. Some experts recommend synthetic transmission oil to improve performance.

- Wheel Alignment

Many things go into the maintenance of your vehicle to ensure that it runs at its best. Proper wheel alignment is among the things that play a vital role. It improves fuel efficiency, tire wear, vehicle handling, overall performance, and manoeuvrability. Alignment is a crucial factor in your car's steering response. So, when should you get a wheel alignment? Well, there is no correct answer to this question as most vehicles have different service demands. Taking your car for servicing to your local dealership for quick testing is the only way to tell if an alignment is required. In simple terms, wheel alignment lets you drive safely, extends the lifespan of your tires by reducing tread wear. Have a tire alignment each time you install a new set of tires.

- Oil Change

Always have your oil changed as part of a regular servicing procedure. Don't wait until your car starts experiencing problems before getting an oil change. Regular oil changes will improve your vehicle's performance. An oil change involves the installation of new oil and oil filter. New oil has many benefits. For instance, oil changes eliminate the little wear and particles that break off from various engine components and access the oil. Moreover, fresh engine oil reduces wear and friction that cause wear and tear as well as engine failure. Next, clean oil reduces vehicle emissions, improves gas mileage just to mention a few.

- Fluid Flushing

Exchange all the fluids in your car as per the recommendation and top up with fresh fluids every time you take your car for servicing. Some of the fluids you should keep a close eye on are the power steering fluid, brake fluid, coolant and the rest.

Car Servicing Procedures

- Shock Changing

If your shocks are blown at the time of service, then you need to replace them. Shocks are components of the overall suspension. The shocks primarily perform two essential duties that include dampening spring vibration and assist in ride control. The shocks in your car are vital, and if they malfunction, you will have an uncomfortable ride each time you hit a bump, making your vehicle difficult to handle and putting your life at risk.

- Checking Radiator Condition

The radiator is another component of the car that most motorists ignore when they go to service their vehicle. The radiator is vital because it contains the coolant that cools the engine and keeps its components working properly. If the radiator is damaged, you will notice the coolant leaking or the engine overheating frequently. Have your radiator checked when servicing your car to increase the lifespan of your engine.

- Checking Tyre Pressure

Most motorists ate not aware of the many advantages of having the correct tire pressures. For example, accurate tire pressure improves safety, fuel efficiency and prolong the lifespan of tires. Motorists and their passengers can have a piece of mind knowing that they will have a safe journey courtesy of correct tire pressures. With the proper tire pressure, the tires will grip the road improving the vehicles handling. Under inflating your tires during servicing has many disadvantages. For example, under-inflated tires tend to overheat as opposed to properly inflated tires meddling with the cars handling. To be on the protected side, ensure that you check tire pressure monthly after the service, particularly before when the vehicle is loaded or before long trips.


With frequent car servicing, the lifespan of your vehicle gets extended, ensuring that you are safe when hitting the road. With reliable car services, your vehicle becomes more stable, allowing for better economy and raising its resale value. Even if your vehicle is performing very well at the moment, you should always remember that all vehicles need professional car services.


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