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16 Useful Car Care Tips

Apparently, nothing is more important than keeping your car on the road. Your car is perhaps your biggest investment, and the least you want to hear is that it has developed a mechanical problem and for some reason, you can’t take it to the road. It’s painful! If you learn to give your car the fair treatment it deserves, then you can rest assured that it won’t let you down. If you are in Singapore or any other place, here are 16 useful care tips you need to know:


1. Change the car oil

No matter how busy you are, you should not skip the oil change. Also, when you present yourself physically to change the oil, ensure that you only use oil that has been tested. And, if you have many options to choose from, always choose oil with longer lifespan—you’ll be better off this way. While synthetic engine oil is made from regular oil, it’s prepared in such a manner that all its molecules are of the same size. Thus, the flow is smoother, and wear and tear is greatly reduced.

2. Only change oil when absolutely necessary

Changing your car oil is not something you just wake up and decide to do. For heaven sake, there is manufacture’s manual that you need to follow! This manual has the specifications as to when you should change your car oil. Most car makers would suggest an oil change after every 7500 miles or more, but the common rule of thumb suggests changing oil every three thousand miles. Nevertheless, it’s, important to stick to the owners guide.

3. Fix the paint chips as soon as you can

Consider visiting an auto parts store and chances are that you will find something that matches the color of your car paint. However, if you can’t find paint touch-up products from these stores, visit your dealer.

4. Wax your car

The more you wax your car, the better it is for both you and your car. For best results, consider waxing it at least every year. Waxing not only gives you hints on the specific areas that your car needs help, but also helps you to know your car corners and recesses.

5. Take your care for maintenance regularly

This is as important as waxing and changing oil. It guarantees flawless performance of your car belts, tires, brakes, hoses and any car part that’s prone to wear and tear.

Car Maintenance

6. Always purchase reliable car parts

If you will need to purchase car parts to be used in replacement, then go for reliable parts. It is true what they say—cheap is expensive. Using cheap parts can put your life at risk. If you opt for parts that come directly from your manufacturer, you will be doing yourself a great favour as these parts do not compromise on your safety. While parts from second hand stores are cheap, are they really worth the risk?

7. Don’t ignore any problem no matter how insignificant it may appear

It is true that today’s cars showcase high level of advancement; however, there is complexity with this advancement. If you notice that something needs to be fixed, strike when the iron is hot. Don’t let your car run when it needs some repairs, you’ll shorten its lifespan! However insignificant a problem may seem, don’t ignore it.

8. Always park your car in a safe place

Car theft is real, so rather than parking your car in a deserted place where you won’t pay, park it in an open place even if you will pay parking fees. One more thing; don’t park your car at the entrance. While parking your car at the entrance is convenient as you don’t have to walk a long distance to your car, your car can easily suffer bumps from other cars. Therefore, park it in the interiors, there is no harm walking the distance.

9. Keep your car records safely

It is important to keep your car records safely such that you can easily access them when you need. If possible, maintain a simple file of all the receipts, car bills, emails, letters, and recall notices.

10. Keep your car clean

A clean car does not only make you feel better, it depicts the type of person you are. Many car owners have developed this habit of washing their cars only when they need to sell them. This is wrong! You car should be clean at all times.

Car Care

11. Use quality fuel

Fuel acts as your car food, so consider using only quality fuels that guarantee better performance. Clean-burning gasoline does not only improve your car’s performance, but it also plays a role in cleaning out engine deposits. Besides, it is environmental-friendly.

12. Maintain your car tires

Tires are a car’s means of locomotion, and you will be doing yourself a favour by maintaining them. To avoid being caught unaware, check your tires’ pressure once a month. One more thing; don’t wait until your tires are completely worn out before you can replace them. Experts recommend, that depending on the usage, change your tires every two to three years.

13. Ensure that the air filters are clean

Filters play an important role in preventing harmful particles from gaining entry to the engine. If you opt not to clean your filters, chances are that bad air will gain entry to the engine and cause irreversible damages.

14. Change wiper blades

Wiper blades perform a crucial role of keeping debris away, and they come in handy when you are driving in bad weather conditions. Don’t wait until your wiper blades make noise or leave streaks before you can replace them. By then, it may be too late. If you can, change your wipers every season.

15. Purchase car seat covers

To protect your car seats from being worn out, consider investing in car seat covers. The good thing about these covers is that they can be taken off and washed from time to time.

16. Check the headlights of your car

Check your car headlights from time to time to ensure that they are operating properly. Also, consider visiting your automotive service provider to be certain that the headlights are aimed correctly.
Owning a car is a crucial step towards getting means of locomotion. If you want your car to endure the rough terrains, follow the above car care tips.


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