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Why Choose Us To Repair Your Gearbox?

The gearbox is the second component in a vehicle’s power train that performs several functions including;
· Change the engine speed and torque when necessary to facilitate proper movement.
· Enable the vehicle to move backwards by engaging the reverse gear.
· Enable starting of the vehicle by configuring the gears to a neutral state.
Since this component is of immense value to the vehicle, there is need to take great care of it. Proper care of your gearbox means that it is serviced and repaired on time and by professionals.


When to repair your gearbox.

For the most part and when used properly, the gearbox will do more than a200, 000 kilometres without malfunctions. All this while, proper servicing will be necessary. However, there are times that a regular service will not do. Such times call or a gearbox repair. Some of the signs that your gearbox needs to be repaired include;
· There is difficulty in selecting the gears. It can be impossible to select some gears.
· There is consistent jumping from the selected gear to a lower or higher one.
· When you hear a crunching sound when engaging gears.
· There is an abnormal noise in one or more gears.
If you face any of the above signs, do not hesitate. Visit a reputable auto shop to establish the problem and get the gearbox repaired. You should only visit a reputable and respectable auto shop so as to get the best services. Choose one that;
Gives free quotes over the phone.

Most vehicle owners would want to have a rough estimate- if not an exact one- of the cost of the services they will get. Giving a quote over the phone is a lot more convenient than the customer have to visit the workshop. A good and competent auto shop will give you a quote on the services you want in the initial phone call that you make. This will also give you a chance to ask any other questions that you may have.

Good prices and quality parts.

Value for money is very important during the repair of your gearbox. A good auto shop should be able to provide you with a wide range of parts at competitive prices, without compromising on the quality. You should be able to get both second hand and new parts.

Free diagnostics.

To establish the problem before repair is very important. As part of customer care policy, professional gearbox repair shops will diagnose the gearbox for problems free of charge. The gearbox should be dismantled and thoroughly inspected to identify the problem. Some of the components will be gauged and tested. The disassembled gearbox is then assembled and the car owner left to make a decision. All this is at no cost to the car owner.

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It is always good to go for a gearbox service provider that gives a warranty of 12-18 months on parts and workmanship. More often than not, auto shops that give warranties have confidence in their services and would not mind repeating the job in the event it is necessary. This will give you the peace of mind and confidence of working with professionals.

A quick turnaround.

When taking your vehicle for gearbox repair, the quicker it is worked on, the more convenient it is for you. A quicker turn around also means that the repair service provider is properly equipped with the right machines, manpower and parts necessary to handle the job professionally. In the event you don’t get the vehicle back on the road in the expected time, it is only professional for you to get proper communication with explanations as to why this is the case. Incompetent auto shops will take longer to repair a gearbox with no explanation.

Ready to go reconditioned units.

Sometimes the gearbox may get spoiled beyond a point where it can be salvaged. At this point, your vehicle may need a reconditioned gearbox. A good auto shop should be able to have one in your vehicle at short notice. If they do not stock it, then they should be able to out-source one in the shortest time possible. With one off the shelf, your vehicle should be ready to go in one day.

Customer service.

Customer service comes high in the priority list of a professional gearbox repair service provider. Once a car owner contacts the auto shop, everything is handled until when the car is ready to go back to the road. Free towing, free pick-ups and credit facilities are some of the things that make the customer comfortable.


All queries are handled patiently and professionally to ensure there is clarity and understanding on the customer’s part. All calls are returned and proper follow up is made to ensure that the customer is satisfied.

Professional advice should be given to the customer in the customer’s best interest then the decision making left to the customer. A professional will politely correct the customer in the event they make a decision that would not turn out well
Technical experience and talent.

Beyond customer care there is the importance of the customer knowing that the vehicle is in the right hands. Professional auto shops have a history in the field which gives them the experience necessary in handling repairs of a sensitive nature like a gearbox repair.

Technical expertise is an integral part of professional auto shop staffing. Not only does a good auto shop go for well trained personnel, more training is given to passionate individuals to enhance their skills and ensure that customers are served even better.

Go for a repair company that has reputation and is willing to be open with you about who they are. You can easily find out whether an auto shop is conversant with gearbox repairs in the way they; answer questions, handle customers, report the findings of diagnosis and handle your vehicle during repairs.

There are many gearbox repair shops throughout Singapore that claim to give the best services. I believe with this kind of knowledge, every car owner is able to make an informed choice whenever they have a gearbox problem that they need fixed. Settle for nothing other than value for your money.


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