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7 Mistakes To Avoid On Car Servicing

Modern cars require more maintenance than cars that were being used a few years back. Many car owners know this and that us why they always strive to take their cars to be serviced occasionally. However, there are many mistakes that car owners make without realizing when taking their cars for servicing. To minimize the repair and maintenance cost in future, it is very important to take you car for routine servicing. Routine servicing makes it possible for problems to be detected at their early stage and to be rectified before they turn into big problems. To ensure that you do everything correctly, here are 7 mistakes to avoid on car servicing;

7 Mistakes To Avoid On Car Servicing

1. Not changing the fluid levels
Car fluids are very important elements in any car. Most people e only check their cars’ oil and forget checking other fluids that are very important for normal operation of the vehicle. Regularly check the brake fluid, coolant and the transmission fluid. This fluids are extremely important hence should be checked every time you are on car servicing. Failure to check these fluids regularly can lead to premature car breakdown which will force you to take an extra trip to the mechanic. You will also end up spending more to pay for repairs. To prevent this from happening, don’t make the mistake of not asking that the fluids be checked when you are on car servicing.

2. Not replacing burnt out bulbs
Many car owner s often forget to replace their burnt out bulbs when they take their car for servicing. This is probably because most of them take their cars to the mechanic during the day when the lights are not being used. This makes it easy to forget to replace the burnt out bulbs. This is a big mistake because driving without any of your headlights or taillights is taking a serious safety risk. You not only risk your life but you also risk the lives of other road users. Replacing a bulb is a very easy task that can be done in few minutes.

3. Not checking the tire pressure
This is a very common mistake that is done by many car owners. Many fail to check the tire pressure during servicing simply because they think it is not important or because they are in a hurry to go somewhere. If you don’t have normal pressure in your tires, the rate of wear and tear usually increases. Improper pressure can also cause tire blowout when driving due to excess heat. To ensure that you do not end up replacing your tires very now and then, always check them during servicing to ensure that they have the proper pressure.

4. Not removing weights that are not useful
This is a mistake that is easily made by many by car owners. When you carry heavy items that are not useful in you car, you make it consume more fuel when you are using it. Heavy weights also impact negatively on shocks and tires. Although it may seem easy to leave something in the car so that you don’t forget to carry it next time, always think of how much you will save in terms of fuel cost when your car is light.

5. Not changing air and fuel filters
Clogged filters are a common cause of failure in cars. To keep your car functioning well at all times, the air and fuel filters have to be checked every time the car is serviced. Changing the air and fuel filters regularly is not expensive and can really help to prevent unnecessary car problems.

6. Not replacing bad wipers
Bad wipers are easily overlooked especially when the weather is friendly. Wipers are very important components of a car that should always work properly at all times. The last thing you would want is being on the road during a downpour with wipers that are not working efficiently. If you cannot see through your windshield, then it will be impossible to drive.

7. Not replacing tires
Always check you tires when on car servicing to see which ones are worn out. If there is any one of them worn out, replace it with a new one. This is because driving around with worn out tires creates a safety risk for you and everyone else that is using the road. If you are not sure whether it is time to replace a tire, check its date code stamp. 

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