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7 Things To Take Note On Car Servicing

Those who own cars understand the importance of car servicing. A car needs to be checked regularly by an experienced mechanic in the same manner human beings require regular checkups by a qualified doctor. Even if your car is meant for pleasure, car servicing is still necessary. Avoiding regular servicing is the reason why most car owners end up spending huge amounts of money on repair and servicing at a later stage. Below is a description of the 7 things that a car owner needs to note about car servicing.

 7 Things To Take Note On Car Servicing

1. Check on the coolant level

The coolant level is an important part that should always be checked once the mechanic is done with the servicing. It is very common for some of the mechanics to forget checking on it especially when in a hurry. It involves checking on the amount of coolant water present in the engine. The proper amount of radiator water protects the engine of the car from heating up a few minutes after it is started. Excessive heating can always result in further problems that can be expensive to solve.

2. Check on the timing chain
The timing chain should always be checked to confirm whether it requires servicing or not. If you don’t check on it, it might experience a breakdown as soon as the servicing is done. Loud noises emanating from your engine might be due to problems with the timing chain. However, at times such noise could be from some of the moving parts in the motor and they need to be checked to ensure they are in good working condition.

3. Check on the air filter housing
During car servicing the air filter housing should be cleared properly and no dirt should be observed thereafter. Thorough cleaning is necessary in order to ensure the air moves in and out of the area freely.

4. Check on the engine compartment
While checking the engine, the level of engine oil should be confirmed using the dip stick attached to the engine oil cap knob. The level of engine oil should however be checked after the engine has cooled down to avoid inaccurate results occurring from an expanded engine due to excessive heat. The color of the engine oil should also be checked to ensure it is golden or black. However, if the oil has green or red traces, you should ask your mechanic to change it.

5. Check on the windscreen wipers
Most car owners neglect windscreen wipers during servicing. They are however important since they ensure the clarity of the windscreen while driving in rainy or dusty situations. The wiper blade should be checked to ensure it is highly effective to clear all the foreign substances falling on the windscreen. The blade should always be replaced once it loses its effectiveness.

6. Confirm the state of vehicle tires
Vehicle tires are one of the car parts that are often neglected. Tires are checked to ensure there is enough air pressure that will maintain its traction and durability. Treads and car balance are also checked since they are very crucial in the safety of the passengers and goods the vehicle carriers. The tire should always be replaced once the treads are worn out since the car can easily slide during the rainy season. The balance of the tires should be in line with guidelines provided in the user manual of the car.

7. Check on the alternator and connected parts
At times the alternator may require replacing and should be checked to confirm its condition. Other connected parts to be checked include the gear oil, brake oil and clutch oil. Their level should be checked and confirmed. The level should be topped up if it is too low or the whole oil should be changed if it is in poor condition. the cables should also be checked to ensure the firing system is in good shape. All the hoses should be checked to ensure all the leaking ones are replaced.

Keeping in mind all these tips will ensure your car is in good condition at all times. Furthermore, it will always be safe to use and will definitely last for a long period of time with low maintenance costs. However, you can enjoy these benefits after finding a reliable mechanic who can provide quality car servicing on a regular basis.

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