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How Often Should We Service Our Car?

Car maintenance is important to keep your automobile running smoothly. It will extend the lifespan of operation as well as reduce the excess costs that come with repair. Regular car servicing ensures that a problem is realized and dealt with before developing fully. This is a simple practice that will keep you safe. It is a practical method of ensuring that the value of the car is maintained and the chances of breakdown are significantly low. Until there is technological advance that covers all car issues, it is important for every car to get its vital fluids checked and changed and the electronic and mechanical systems adjusted or simply evaluated.

How Often Should We Service Our Car?

General Rule of Average Duration

There are various factors to consider when deliberating on how often you should service a car. Newer models of cars are said to last much longer before needing any regular servicing. The general rule of the frequency of servicing is to do so once a year for most vehicles. However, this is based on an assumption of how often one drives per year and this duration is based on an average. For frequent drivers, a more frequent visit to the servicing shop is in order. The more a vehicle is used, the more likely it is to develop a problem and therefore, precautionary maintenance should be performed accordingly.

The Owner’s Manual

The frequency of car servicing needed is usually included in the owner’s manual that comes with the car. It is important to thoroughly read the manual and put the knowledge into use. However, the manual should not be used as the only consideration because it is also based on an assumption of average distance covered by an average person. The terrain may also not be considered and even if it is, the roads on which the assumption is based could be very different from Singapore transport networks. The car manufacturers also may suggest the maximum period that the car can go before needing servicing. Therefore, the duration suggested in the manual should be considered in tandem with all other factors.

Other Factors to Consider

The age of the car should be considered. People frequently buy used cars. While it is a very cost-effective strategy compared to getting a new one, it will also mean more frequent car servicing needs. As a car gets older, its systems are more worn and vulnerable to failure. This means that a newer car will stay much longer without needing maintenance. The type of fuel used is also a factor that should be reflected on before deciding on the how often you should get your car service. There are many types of fuel that are suited for different vehicles and only the right kind should be used. Trying to save in maintenance or fuel money will cause the vehicle to breakdown prematurely.

What should be Checked and When

Car servicing may entail more fifty assessments on the components and systems. The services may involve just an evaluation but at different intervals of a car’s lifespan, changing and fixing various parts of the vehicle. Engine oil and the oil filter should be changed at every servicing event. The hydraulic fluid should also be changed regularly to keep it effective. The brake and transmission fluids as well as the coolant should be checked and changed if necessary to prevent the possibility of poor operation. The air conditioner system should be checked at least after every two years.

Tyre Maintenance

Wheels also require regular servicing and it is the key to having a smooth running vehicle. It also reduces the chances of one losing control on the road. Tyre treads are exposed to roads and eventually they wear away due to friction. It is important to ensure that the treads are still deep. Once they lose the tread, they become a hazard and the car is likely to slip and control is lost especially when it rains. Tyre pressure services are available at most petrol stations. Ensure that you fix the pressure at least weekly to improve comfort while driving and also prevent wastage of fuel in uneconomical consumption. Car servicing may seem expensive but failing to do it will be much more costly and inconvenient. Choose to service your car regularly at a qualified workshop for maximum efficiency.
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Specialising in all types of Car Inspection & Servicing

Specialising in all types of Car Inspection & Servicing

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