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How Often Should I Service My Car Aircon?

As most people think of auto maintenance, they rarely consider the importance of getting the car aircon system checked. Attention is paid only when it is broken and the heat is too high to bear. Having a good air conditioning system in your car ensures that you are comfortable. It is also a good measure in ensuring that the stale air that could be potentially harmful to your health is eliminated. The feature is not installed to just blow cold air during a hot afternoon. It dispels the hot air rich in carbon dioxide to the atmosphere. Its importance cannot be ignored.

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Quality Servicing

When considering the schedule for servicing the car aircon, there are factors that must be considered. The components that are used in its construction and its mode of action will determine the length of time it will function before any wear and tear happens. The maintenance ensures that these parts are working smoothly and precautionary measures are taken to prevent breakdown. Proper servicing makes certain that the refrigerant and lubrication requirements for the car are met. This in turn limits the possibility of the compressor failure. Remember that every mechanical part of your vehicle is prone to eventual degradation and maintenance is a way to prevent the adverse effects of this.

General Rule Applied

There is the average duration that experts find to be effective for car aircon servicing. There are factors that must be constant in for this to be an effective wait period. In ideal conditions, the air conditioning should be serviced once a year. This is because the system loses refrigerant as it is functioning and this may add up to about 0.3-0.6 ounces. This loss eventually becomes detrimental to the efficiency. If your car is fairly new, then this rule applies and if the diligent care is kept up, the durability will be greatly extended.

Model of the Aircon

There are different types of air conditioning systems available in the current market. Though their basic functions are the same, the efficiency differs. The general structure of the models is usually similar but different companies have modified their products to attract a larger customer base. The advances that have been made over the years are to ensure that the refrigerant is used more efficiently so if you have an outdated model, you will probably require more frequent services.

Service Car Aircon

The Refrigerant Factor

Refrigerants are a hot topic especially in view of global warming. Most of the gases used are considered hazardous to the ozone layer due to leaks from the cans. While the leaks may be inevitable, they can be accelerated by certain conditions in the environment. Acidic environment is a major factor in accelerating loss of refrigerant through subsequent leaks that are an expense and compromise the environment. It is also essential to note that the refrigerant used in the old R12 is believed to last longer than the R134a due to the seal on the compressor. These should be factored in when making a decision on the frequency of car aircon servicing.

Age of the Car

If you bought a used car or have been using the same car for years, you will realize that its maintenance and repair needs increase over time. This is true for all the components of the vehicle including the aircon system. Some cars however are quite resilient and the aircon will be working well enough even when the vehicle is past its prime.

Changes in Efficiency

Sometimes, you will not have to wait until your scheduled time to see a car servicing company. You should be constantly sensitive to the efficiency of your system at all times. Whether it was checked recently or not, any changes should be taken seriously. Maintenance is all about prevention of a problem from escalating so even when it seems to be nothing, you should seek assistance. To test effectiveness, switch it on and determine whether the air is cold enough. If not, a trip to the service shop is necessary.

You will attain tremendous benefits from getting periodic car aircon checkups. You will enjoy more comfortable transport and you will be able to eliminate pathogenic microorganisms from the air. The risk of a breakdown will be decreased and you will save on what repairs would have cost. Consider all these factors and ask for expert assistance from a reliable technician.


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