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Singapore Car Inspection

In Singapore, regulations guarantee that cars should obtain an emissions and safety inspection every other year beginning from the third model year. They are also required to be inspected every year after 10 model years. On the other hand, mopeds and motorcycles must be inspected annually beginning from the third model year. Taxicabs, buses, trailers, and commercial vehicles must be inspected annually for the period of six months depending on the vehicle's age. So as to renew the car's road tax, there is the need for an up to date inspection of the vehicle.

Singapore Car Inspection

Regulation for car inspection is done by the Land Transport Authority (LTA). The LTA regulation monitors every car to ensure that no single vehicle will evade a regular inspection. Besides, this law guarantees that no single car in Singapore is more than 20 years old. It also oversees the vehicle owners to maintain their vehicles in a roadworthy condition and to reduce the chances of predisposing the vehicle and other road users to danger.

Comprehensive Car Inspection.

Thus, conforming to Singapore's legislation, a comprehensive roadworthiness inspection will involve the following checks for vehicles; Smoke Test or vehicular emission test, Brake Efficiency Test, Headlight Test, Exhaust, Wheel Alignment Test, wheel bearing test, engine noise check, Chassis frame alignment, Above Carriage Inspection, Sound Level Test, Side Slip, Under Carriage Inspection for diesel-driven vehicles, engine condition or the oil leakage test, paintwork and suspension system test, and Chassis Dynamometer Smoke Test.

The Need For Car Inspection In Singapore.

The Singapore government demands cleanliness and good air quality, thus the need to keep cars inspected and in good condition. Besides, it is a regulation aimed at safeguarding the lives of other road users from the risks of unnecessary dangers.
There is a risk when one delays to send the car for inspection within the predetermined time. For example, if you send your car for inspection while it has taken more than three years, the LTA will hold you to renew the whole of your road tax!

Importance Of Inspection.

In the course of car inspection, there are car specialists or machinists who do these services checking for malfunctions or any hidden problems that have potential to cause damage either to the car owner or even other road users. Depending on the age of
the car, car owners are required to send their cars for inspection either annually or biannually as Singapore law demands.

Singapore Car Inspection

Responding To The Common Car Problems Needed For Inspection.

The most common problems car owners ought to attend to include: dead batteries needing to be replaced; worn-out wipers which frequently may turn out to cause misjudgements while driving in the rain; flat tires which may make the driver lose control while driving; blown fuses that have the potential to result in unnecessary car accidents; fluid leak which may deter the efficient movement of vehicles; broken drive belts or even simple cases like being locked out which can upset drivers if they are not regularly checked.

Types Of Car Evaluation Carried Out In Singapore.

There are a number of car evaluations depending on the level of assessment one may be in need of. The most common are the standard car evaluations. For the standard evaluations; in the case of diesel-driven cars, the Chassis Dynamometer Smoke Test (CDST) is strictly done as required by the Singapore2007 law. This assessment is done under simulated full-load conditions. The process wholly entails an efficient removal of black smoke emissions. The essence for black smoke removal is to rid environment of smoke pollution and ensure safe environmental conditions for Singapore's all road users.

In The Case Of The Off-Peak / Weekend Cars, Number Plate Seals Are To Be Checked.

In addition to the normal inspections, other simple and quick checks can be done in the car after regular inspections have been completed. Such checks include the clear signal and warning lights, the functionalities of tires and horns, or even the level of brake oil.

Singapore Car Inspection Centers

In Singapore, there are three major authorized inspection centers. They include VICOM Inspection Centers. JIC Inspection Centers. and STA Inspection Centers:

i. JIC Inspection Centers.

JIC Inspection Centers have two central stations who operate throughout the weekdays and Saturday but close on Sundays and Public Holidays. They include:

i. The Ang Mo Kio Inspection Center located at 21 Ang Mo Kio Singapore 569118, and,
ii. The Pioneer Road Inspection Center located at 53 Pioneer Road Singapore 628505.
iii. STA Inspection Centers.

Singapore Car Inspection

Equally, the STA Inspection Centers have two operating stations who operate up to 9 pm on weekdays, Saturday up to 5 pm and closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. The operating stations include:

i. The Jalan Boon Lay Inspection Center located at 249 Jalan Boon Lay Singapore 619523, and,
ii. The Sin Ming Inspection Center located at 302 Sin Ming Road Singapore 575627.
iii. VICOM Inspection Centers.

The VICOM Inspection Centers are a subsidiary company of ComfortDelGro and have five operating stations which include:

i. The Bukit Batok Inspection Center located at 511 Bukit Batok Street 23 Singapore 659545
ii. The Sin Ming Inspection Center located at 385 Sin Ming Drive -Singapore 499613;
iii. The Changi Inspection Center located at 20 Changi North Crescent Singapore 575718;
iv. Yishun Inspection Center located at 501 Yishun Industrial Pk Avenue Singapore 768732; and
v. The Kaki Bukit Inspection Center located at 23 Kaki Bukit Avenue 4 Singapore 415933.

Car Inspection Prices

Car inspection attracts some charges, but the car inspection charges differ from one center to the other. Nevertheless, the charges for Petrol Cars are similar across the different inspection centers.

Car Inspection Assistants

In Singapore, the inspection process is very comprehensive such that it may not necessarily need the vehicle owner to do an inspection. Car inspection service can as well be done by inspection assistants. All that one is needed to do is to submit the car to an inspection professional, and they will do a comprehensive vehicle inspection service for a small fee.

It's a precondition before driving in Singapore that regular inspections should be carried out. It's for the benefit of third party road users and the vehicle owner as well. Periodic inspections will save additional costs on the part of car owner as early inspections limit the cases of advanced car problems.


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