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Toyota Vehicle Checklist

As you know, it is summer season. Singapore service department is here to remind you that it is critical to stay up to date with your Toyota maintenance. Remember your maintenance needs change as the season changes. Since summer is here with us and that Singapore heart has set in do not lag on behind on servicing your Toyota car, more so if you are getting your new maintenance tips. We know you might be used to ticks of your vehicle, and the needs for service visit may be scarce, but we remind you that your older car needs to be in regular for maintenance. As the weather get warmer, let us ensure our cars are in the top conditions. You need to take a series of simple precautions so as to keep yourself and your family safe before you hit the road in this summer. Herein is an easy and quick maintenance checklist that is going to assist you to enjoy your summer.

Toyota Vehicle Checklist

Just follow the Toyota, checklist and you will have fully gathered for your vehicle.

• Change the Air and Oil Filters.

For every 3,500 to 5.000 miles that you travel, ensure you change the oil. Remember also; it will be necessary that you have oil of high viscosity during the season

• Check belt and hoses.

It is very relevant for you to inspect your belts and hoses for any crack, swelling or leakage. Summer heat may make the conditions worse. If you do not take care, then this might bring a car breakdown.

• Check fluids.

Ensure that all the fluids are at proper levels. Please, ensure you take a look at your coolant, if possible, perform flush and fill or add some coolant. Get plenty of fluids. Fill the automatic transmission, brakes, coolant, power steering and windshield washer to ensure they are all filled to the required levels.

• Checking the battery.

You need to check your car battery. Test it because summer is more demanding on the battery. For a free battery inspection, take your vehicle to Singapore service department. Experience inspectors who have expertise in the battery inspection are going to sort you out.

Toyota Vehicle Checklist

• Check the Air Conditioning.

You need to assess the performance of air conditioning system. If you realize it is failing to give you the actual relief, then you probably need to add refrigerant. Also, check to see if there is another cause such as leaks. Be cool enough. Ensure the system is working properly. With this, you are going to be relaxed and more comfortable throughout your trips.

• Checking brakes.

Please check your brakes. Ensure that the brakes are not running thin. You need to replace the damaged drums and rotors regularly

• Check the tires.

Before hitting the road, you need to check the tires. Ensures the tires have enough tread. You can perfectly test the wear of the tire by sticking a penny upside down between the tires. Make sure you also check the air pressure of the tire, remember big pressure swings are likely to cause the car tires to lose air pressure more quickly. You need to ensure there are no tired tires. Check the three key points (air, wear and space). With these points, you need to make sure that the tires are inflated properly. Secondly, check for the signs of wear of the tread. Third, ensure there is a spare tire in hand in case of any unexpected flats.

• Total recall.

Before heading for any trip, you need to make sure that the vehicle is in its top shape when it comes to safety. Check to ensure your vehicle is up to date concerning any important manufacturers recall. You can check for such status by using V.I.N numbers for any Toyota car that you drive. You can access the number by visiting the Toyota site at Http:// www. Toyota .com/recall

Toyota Vehicle Checklist

• Check the light system.

Light the Toyota up. Make sure all the lights are working properly. The key lights of the Toyota are (brake lights, flashers, trailer lights, headlights, turn signals and the interior lights)

• Take care of the rubber wear.

You should check your Toyota car for any crack, cut, blister or any other sign of damage. This is because the vehicle wiper blades, hose, and belts can be affected by the heat during the summer season

• Check the windshield wipers.

The wipers might have survived any other time but for the summer it can be difficult. Remember you do not need to deal with inadequate windshield cleaning when the thunderstorms hit. You need to purchase the blades from the advance auto part, and the Singapore service department is going to install for free. The service department also carries wiper blades which are meant for the summer driving conditions

• Rotate the Toyota tires.

You know that high temperatures typically swing. Right from extreme daytime heat to the cold overnight may cause the tires to lose pressure at a high rate. This may lead to inferior performance and eventually lower the gas mileage.

The above are the essential tips that are going to assist you. Following the checklist is going to ensure that your Toyota is not only up to date in the regular maintenance practice, but also that you are not going to face any problem when planning for any road trip over the summer or at least driving around while in the heat. We all know that the summer is with us, everyone is too busy planning weekend road trips. Some are planning to go to the beaches; others plan to camp anywhere else the road is going to take them. It is vital to know that creating a checklist on which items to pack, which to buy is right. This is going to help you not forget anything important on the trip. This is why Singapore Toyota Service Department has released the above checklist to help individuals to look at all the critical areas of their vehicles. With this, your trip is going to be successful. Follow the list and enjoy the safe summer travel. For much more information, Singapore Toyota service invites you to visit their daily updated website containing the checklist. Feel free to go online and visit Toyota vehicle checklist -


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